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Don Swanson, Coaching Director Nightingale Conant

I hired Traci to be a coach for Nightingale Conant & her passion, talent, & commitment was immediately made evident by the positive testimonials & evaluations we received from her assigned clients. As a member of our team of coaches, she displyed initiative & willingness by taking on additional responsibilities such as doing sales & assisting with our team trainings

Alice Hamilton, Student Advisor at AIU Online

Traci is a lifesaver. When I hired her to be my coach,  I was a complete mess. I was having trouble at work, upset over the loss of my fiance, overweight, and I was unhappy. Working with Traci has helped me to overcome these issues. I am strong, self-assured and confident. I have a new perspective and I handle situations that come up much better than I used to when I had to deal with them. I am grateful to have Traci in my life. Thanks Traci!

Dr. Larry Pate, Management Professor at Cal State Long Beach

As an athlete, member of the Special Forces, and Tae Kwon Do Black Belt, I always understood the value of physical fitness. But, my lifestyle and diet evolved to the point where I was battling several health conditions. Working with Traci, I was able to lose more than fifty pounds, get off all medication, reverse my chronic illnesses, and feel (and act!) like the man I was in my twenties.

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