My Health Pyramid

What is My Health Pyramid?

My Health Pyramid is a visual representation of everything that goes into a healthy life. At each of the corners of the pyramid are the cornerstones of health: Eating, Exercise, Expectations, and Emotions. At the apex of the pyramid is Success. And, the layers of the pyramid are the decision-making tool ACES: Assumption, Criteria, Existing Options, and Strategy.

When you work with one of our certified coaches, you'll discover how to make better decisions in each of the four cornerstones, and then translate that into a strategy that leads to health that lasts.

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My Healthy Pyramid Coaching Program

The foundation of the program is the My Healthy Pyramid Coaching Program. First, you'll have a complimentary discovery call (yes, there will be compliments) to talk about your unique situation. Then, if it makes sense to work together, you'll take the Pyramid Planner Assessment, and identify the areas of health you want to work on. From eating to exercise, managing your emotions and thoughts, we'll begin to work our way through the toughest health challenges you're currently facing.

You can choose from our structured six week program and work through ACES on each of the four cornerstone areas, one per week, our slower paced twelve-week coaching program, or simply benefit from "a la carte" coaching sessions to delve into the issues that matter most to you.

Every coaching client receives access to the Member Area of the website, as well as unlimited text support, a phone or video chat every week, and a ten percent discount on a personalized nutrition plan.

My Health Pyramid Workshops

Whether your group wants a Whole Food Plant Based cooking class, a motivational talk on Whole Health, or a full on coaching workshop to walk through the entire My Health Pyramid program, we can customize a workshop for you.

It all starts with a Discovery Call so we can learn more about your group, your needs, and specifics. Then, we'll design a workshop that reflects the culture and values of the group. Whether it's laid back and fun or structured and corporate, your group will leave the workshop feeling energized, entertained, and empowered to take control of their health.