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Welcome to the first issue of Vitamin T! Here is where you'll find information on all the goings-on with My Health Pyramid. Plus, a few fun tidbits to keep things fresh. Read on! launches

The biggest thing this week is the launch of our website. I'm not exactly Cody Coder and so creating the design and content for the site has been a labor of love. I'm excited at how it turned out. Let me know your thoughts, if you have suggestions or feedback, or if there are problems seeing it on your device.

The Traci Shoblom Show

When I went to go record this week's episode of The Traci Shoblom Show, I discovered that the software I'd been using (Audacity) is not compatible with the Catalina OS. So, I am having to figure out a whole new software! This week's episode is the history of The Pyramid of Health and how it came to be. Get your tissues out, folks. It's a pretty inspirational, if I do say so myself. You can listen to it here.

Laugh, Cry, Repeat

Laugh, Cry, Repeat is my YouTube channel that I created in 2017. I'd marked the episodes as "Private" largely because they are cringy. But the message is good, and so I opened them up again. Now you can see me in my messy room, how I really look in the morning. Trust me, it's not good. You can see it here.

Recipe of the Week

Starting next week, I'll be posting a recipe of the week. These won't necessarily be my recipes, but will be ones I've personally tried to ensure their deliciousness. Yeah. I'm a giver. If you have a recipe you want me to include, send it to me through one of the contact forms on the website. Please note that it has to be plant based, which means no animal products or added oil, sugar, or salt. Well, a little bit of salt is okay. Photos and links are welcomed.

Other News

Reader's Digest interviewed me yesterday for a series they are doing for Dry January. I haven't read it yet, but the piece is a profile about my journey to becoming a health coach and how giving up alcohol was a big part of it. I also give tips for Dry January Success. I'll post a link when it comes out.

Speaking of links. I was quoted in an article entitled What Happiness Means to You. I was happy to be included! :) You can read it here.

Coming January 5th is the first 21 Day Plant Curious Experiment. I'll have more information about it soon, and we're opening up registration on December 23rd. You can get on the pre-registration list by visiting the Experiment page on the website, or by taking the Quiz. Let's just say that me participating in an experiment like this completely changed my life. Twice.

The Pyramid of Health book will be coming out in a few weeks. It's a full length book (e-book and hard copy) that goes into the science and theory behind The Pyramid of Health. I'll be giving away a signed copy, too. Stay tuned for details.

I'm offering a 50% discount through the end of the year on any service on my list! Just enter the coupon Grand Opening when you check out and the discount will be applied. I hope. I'm not Cody Coder, but even if there's a glitch, you'll still get the discount. Promo ends January 1.

I'm putting out a call for Before and After Success Stories to be featured on the website. If you've lost a lot of weight or reversed a health condition or have some other success story using a plant based diet, let me know. We can feature you on our page.